Nimble Information Strategies Inc. and Indigena Solutions LP partner to create jobs for Aboriginal communities

Partnership will provide entry-level digital jobs to First Nations communities across Canada

MARKHAM, ON, Feb 10, 2017 – Nimble Information Strategies Inc. and Indigena Solutions LP today announced a partnership to provide entry-level digitization jobs to indigenous people in remote communities across Canada. By providing the opportunity to work via remote technology, Nimble and Indigena will enable isolated communities to stay intact and grow.

“We are very excited about this partnership with Nimble” said John Slater, President and COO of Indigena Solutions LP, “with today’s troubled youth and high unemployment rates in aboriginal communities, especially in Northern Canada, we feel that providing youth with the necessary skills to succeed will enable them to gain a positive outlook on life and thereby give back to their community.”

Robert J. Jones, President of Nimble Information Strategies Inc., added “We want to help repatriate many entry-level roles that have been moving offshore. By partnering with Indigena, we can provide opportunities for employment in isolated communities where opportunities were limited before. Roles such as document preparation, scanning, data entry, and quality assurance can be done remotely, providing an opportunity for people to gain experience that will lead to higher skilled jobs.”

About Nimble Information Strategies Inc.

Nimble Information Strategies Inc. (formerly SpaceSaverCCS) provides services that allow clients to manage documents and processes through the use of digital technologies. Nimble provides digital solutions to improve business process automation in all areas of a company, including document automation solutions, data capture processing, workplace automation, and other document management solutions. For more information visit

About Indigena Solutions LP

Indigena Solutions LP was founded in 2011 through a business relationship between Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN), Accenture and CAPE Fund. In June of 2016 Talon-Sky Ventures LP (TSVLP) became the majority owner of Indigena Solutions. Indigena is owned by Talon-Sky Ventures LP (51%) and CAPE Fund (49%).

Indigena’s purpose as a First Nations delivery centre is anchored in three priorities:
1. Provide competitively priced high quality and onshore technology services for Canadian businesses
2. Enable jobs that allow people to live and work on or close to First Nations territories
3. Leverage technology to enable First Nations socio-economic development

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