Business Process Services


Business Process Services (BPS) is a collection of related, structured activities or tasks that produce a specific service, product or outcome for Indigena’s clients. While IT may be utilized in delivering the service, the emphasis is on the results and typically the people involved do not need a specific IT education or certification to perform.

Indigena offers the following BPS services:

Contact Centre Services: Inbound, outbound or mixed customer contact capabilities over telephone, email, or online chat. Examples of inbound contact services include product/service supports or general inquiry response. Examples of outbound services include marketing or market research. Contact Centres can assist with improving customer service, increasing revenue, reducing operating costs, and enhancing market information.

We can create a call centre solution for you as small as a three-person operation, or much larger. In collaboration with our clients, we develop and train customer service professionals to perform a wide range of contact centre functions.

Document Imaging and Management: Our imaging service allow us to provide our clients with document scanning and indexing services with appending meta-data. This service can assist your business with archiving documents electronically, which not only can save a lot of space but also enable faster and easier search, retrieval and document access.

Creative Services: This team of professional and accomplished visual design specialists offer our clients a wide range of design services, ranging from website design to corporate communication within brand guidelines in addition to desktop publishing, development of pamphlets/booklets, video production, photography and custom infographics.

ISLP Resource Network: In order for rural Indigenous communities to be empowered they need to have sustainable employment growth. At Indigena Solutions we are committed to increasing the level of employment for Aboriginal peoples throughout Canada. We believe that Canada’s Indigenous workforce are people with the potential and passion necessary to fulfill many employment roles.
By providing the opportunity to work via remote technology we will enable rural communities to stay intact and grow. Employees would be working out of a designated area, such as a community centre which will be provided to them, thereby having the ability to live within their preferred community and not have to move elsewhere in search of employment.

Special Projects: Indigena has a team of professionals that can assist and centrally manage and control multiple projects to ensure consistency. Our team develop comprehensive work plans with trackable milestones and tasks and organize our workforce to effectively achieve the desired outcome.